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Carden Primary School Workshops

June 28, 2016

On June 27 the Heritage Officer delivered workshops about homelessness to Years 5 & 6 students at Carden Primary School in Brighton.

Carden Primary Homelessness WorkshopsThe workshops aim to challenge misconceptions by investigating who’s affected by homelessness, the common causes, what it’s like to face homelessness and what support is available. During the one-hour sessions the students imagined what it might feel like if they had to sleep outside, with their comfort, safety and privacy compromised, and learnt about how many people sleep on the streets in Brighton and Hove. Another exercise involved the students looking through a series of images of people and sorting them, based on their appearance alone, into whether they had or hadn’t experienced homelessness at some point in their lives. This prompted a discussion around the stereotypes that society has formed about people who are rough sleeping.

The students later learnt about the common causes of homelessness, in particular relationship breakdown, loss of employment, mental or physical health issues and substance misuse, and watched a short film by a BHT Heritage client about what a normal day is like for him. Another activity involved the students guessing which essential items were in a rucksack that would help keep someone who was homeless safe and well, warm and dry. They correctly guessed that the rucksack contained clothes, a sleeping bag, food and water, a mobile phone, waterproofs and a toothbrush, among other objects. Many of the students commented that they wouldn’t be able to fit all the things that were important to them in one rucksack.

The sessions finished with a discussion about how best to support people who are street homeless. The students were encouraged to talk to their friends and family about the myths and realities about homelessness that they had learnt during the session. Some of the students felt inspired to donate items to First Base Day Centre to help keep men and women who are homeless in Brighton and Hove safe and well.

Street Stories Launch

May 10, 2016

On Thursday 5 May 14 young writers from various schools across Brighton celebrated the launch of the Street Stories audio walk with an event by Mayor Lynda Hyde.

Street Stories LaunchThe young writers met at Jubilee Library and made their way to First Base Day Centre along the audio trail route, listening to their stories as they walked. They were greeted on their arrival by the Mayor of Brighton and Hove, friends of Little Green Pig and BHT Heritage, and the writers’ families.

The event was opened with a viewing of a film, funded by the Pride Social Fund, which featured the young writers reading some of their compositions. It also shared how the project grew out of a simple concept – addressing myths and misconceptions about homelessness – into a 30-minute audio trail through the city.

The Heritage Project Officer spoke briefly about how the collaboration came about and the great value of enabling the children to interview people with lived experience of homelessness. People who are street homeless in Brighton and Hove are so visible yet invisible at the same time; as a society we often objectify people who are rough sleeping. The project offered a valuable opportunity to address negative stereotypes at an early age.

Street Stories LaunchThe young writers then took part in a question and answer session about how the project came together and their favourite aspects, which included recording sound effects and viewing a range of headshots of people and guessing whether they had experienced street homelessness. One of the writers spoke about how she didn’t really think about homelessness before the project but that since finding out more about it she has shared what she’s learnt with her family.

Chris, who facilitates the writing group at First Base, said that he was amazed by the children’s imaginations and how that was captured in their writing.

To find out more about Street Stories please click here

Fairlight Primary School Assembly

April 27, 2016

On Tuesday 26 April the Heritage Project Officer visited Fairlight Primary School in Brighton to deliver an assembly about homelessness in the city.

Fairlight Primary School Assembly120 students in Years 3 – 6 learnt about what it might be like to be homeless by imagining that they had to sleep on the hard, concrete school playground. They discussed some of the problems they might face regarding comfort, shelter, weather conditions, noise and security. They also heard from William, a former client of First Base, who had written a day diary for the students, to share with them some of the realities of not having somewhere to live.

To explore who can become homeless the students viewed photographs of eight people, including celebrities, and tried to guess who had experienced homelessness. The students learnt that all eight people had been homeless at some point in their lives, and that homelessness can happen to all sorts of people; anyone in fact. The Heritage Project Officer spoke about causes of homelessness, including family breakdown, debt, illness and addiction problems.

The students also considered which items someone would need to stay safe, warm and dry by guessing what was in a client’s rucksack. Among those items, the students correctly guessed a sleeping bag, clothes, food and water, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a towel and an umbrella.

The Heritage Project Officer finished the assembly by speaking about how BHT helps people who are vulnerable in Brighton and Hove, and how the students can support First Base Day Centre’s work by talking to friends and family about the realities of homelessness.

Fairlight Primary School’s newspaper club, which publishes ‘Fairlight Times’, will be following-up the assembly with an article about homelessness in Brighton and Hove. The students will interview a former client of First Base Day Centre about their experiences and memories of rough sleeping.