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BHT Heritage Educational Workshops

Educational Workshops Article Image w300Throughout 2014 – 15 educational workshops about homelessness have been delivered to over 100 school-aged children in Brighton and Hove.

The outreach session, created by BHT Heritage, uses oral history clips, film, debate and role-play to explore the realities and common misconceptions about street homelessness. Children have learnt about the causes of homelessness, what it’s like to sleep on the streets and what support is available to people in Brighton and Hove.

Clients of BHT have created resources for the session; 5 people who were rough sleeping documented a typical day using a single-use camera and audio-recorded themselves talking about their daily routines. Extracts from the BHT Heritage oral history project are also incorporated, conveying people’s thoughts, feelings and concerns about staying safe, their mental and physical health, loneliness and public perception.

One school, Queens Park Primary, furthered the children’s learning and understanding about homelessness by visiting Assembly, an exhibition of photography created by people who have experienced homelessness living in Brighton. Individuals associated with First Base Day Centre used single-use cameras to capture photographs of their experiences and the things that interest them. Click here to find out more about Assembly.

A brilliant workshop…This really helped the children to understand and empathise with people who are homeless. It was very thought-provoking for them

Year 6 Teacher, Brighton