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Weald & Downland Museum Visit & Tour

Weald & Downland Museum On Thursday 31st July 9 clients from across BHT enjoyed a tour of Weald & Downland Open Air Museum near Chichester.

The group explored over 50 historic buildings that tell the story of the men, women and children who lived and worked in them over a 600 year period.

The industrial, agricultural and trade buildings included a 13th Century Peasant House, a Medieval Wealden Hall House and a 19th Century Water Mill. In the garden of one of the farm houses we were lucky enough to see a crop of Flax being harvested, which would have been made into linen.

Many of the buildings exposed interesting materials and construction techniques. The group particularly enjoyed exploring the Victorian Schoolhouse which had been converted from a cart shed – it was only large enough for 6 children!

Weald & Downland MuseumDuring the tour some of the group found themselves locked up in the 17th Century Market Hall cage, where those accused of dishonestly or illegal behaviour were held prior to being tried!

After lunch the group tried their hand at brick-making in the Drying Shed, and enjoyed meeting some of Weald & Downland’s Shire horses, Tamworth pigs and Light Sussex chickens.

“An interesting day out; marvelled at the way some of the houses were constructed.”