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Heritage Paint Techniques Workshop

On Tuesday 6 August a small group of clients from across BHT participated in a day long workshop at First Base Day Centre, learning a range of heritage paint techniques including stencilling, marbling, and wood graining. Clients learnt how these techniques would be used in a heritage context and then experimented with the techniques themselves.

Marbling finishes using acrylic glazes and paints.Marble
We began the workshop by looking at a range of photos of marble from around the world and examined the different patterns, colours and features. We discussed when restoring a building containing marble, paint effects may be used to replicate certain types of marble which are no longer available due to the natural resource being used up, where it is not possible to use the actual stone due to cost or the inability to match it accurately.  We then used acrylic paints and glazes to create marble like affects by experimenting with a range of brushes, feathers and other objects to draw veins and create natural colour shading and tones.

Wood-graining mahogany with traditional materials  

In the afternoon we discussed where wood graining paint techniques might be used in a heritage context in furniture restoration and the restoration of wooden Wood grainingwall panels.

The tutor had pre-prepared boards with an orange oil based  painted background. He explained that different paint effects used different backgrounds as a starting point. Mahogany uses orange. We then used Van Dyke Crystals which are crushed walnut shells with warm water and covered the whole board with this mixture. We used a horse hair brush to then flog the until it was dry. This created a textured wood grain pattern resembling wood. Once dry we applied burnt umber oil paint mixed with scumble glaze and painted burrs and knots to create a mahogany effect. In the final stage we  used a badger’s hair softening brush to soften and blend the overall affect. The overall effect is surprisingly realistic.

I found the workshop stimulating and fulfilling. The instructions were clear, precise and easy to follow.

The workshop participants got on very well and resulted in a productive session. Artistic fulfilment as well.