Archive for Oral History Transcripts – Page 2

Trevor Ball

All your ambitions go. There’s nothing. You can’t do nothing. The thing I remember the most from being on the streets, was walking around on Christmas morning, ‘cause all the traffic stopped on Christmas morning, but everybody was at home opening their presents. From being on the streets for years and seeing people walking about, you always see people going to work.

From five o’clock onwards it’s always busy, there’s always cars and buses going but Christmas morning in Churchill Square, coming out of Churchill Square car park and it was quiet. And there was nobody about… and thinking to myself, everybody’s with their families.

Everybody’s woke up this morning and they’re opening their presents. Walking down Western Road, with nowhere to go, no one to be with, but also, that thought that everybody else is with their families, or with somebody they’ve got in their lives that they love, and me having just me and having nothing else. That’s what I remember the most actually…not having anywhere to go and being cold, and lonely, and sad, and afraid, and then thinking of everybody that I’ve left behind and not being able to call them.

Nikki Homewood

I think what we are seeing now is people new to rough sleeping. People who really didn’t expect to find themselves in this situation, people who […] were probably working a couple of years ago, everything was probably fairly okay, and I think what happens is that it takes a while for people to kind of run out of options.

The same as it would for any of us really. There’s a while presumably where you can stay with family, then maybe you stay with friends, then maybe you can’t really do that anymore unless you’re lucky and know friends with very large houses and no children but at some point you get in the way.

Or you’re by that point drinking or by that point your mental health isn’t very good and I think that’s what we’re seeing is people coming out of the end of falling through all of the safety nets really and people who have run out of options and end up sleeping rough.